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How cold can you get your greenhouse?
How cold can you get your greenhouse?

"You could, in theory, freeze your system."

Written by Halle Brake
Updated over a week ago

In episode #1, Dr. Nate answers questions about...

  • Freezing aquaponics systems [0:14]

  • Aquaponics vs. hydroponics for making money? [1:10]

  • How Matrix Media made the cut [1:31]

  • Growing outside with towers [2:44]

  • Charts for best nutrient levels [2:54]

  • Getting full towers of basil/mint [3:16]

  • Assessing dissolved oxygen in water [4:08]

  • Solar systems and night time irrigation [5:04]

  • Making small scale (micro systems) aquaponics work [6:03]

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