Farmer Tip: How to Sell Extra Produce In a Hurry

Farmer Andrew describes a time when a major sale fell through, and what he did to make up for it.

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Andrew Abendshein runs a container farm called Acre in a Box in Houston, Texas. Since starting the farm last year, he’s learned to deal with the thick Texas humidity and troubleshoot a hydroponic system.

One of the most unexpected challenges that Andrew ran into happened when one of his major produce sales fell through last minute, leaving Andrew with a whole harvest to deal with. Obviously, greens have a limited shelf life. This left Andrew wondering how to sell extra produce in a hurry.

The short answer: hustle!

When you’re in a pinch, the only solution is to immediately work hard. Andrew started cold calling restaurants, boosted his marketing, and bringing the produce to farmers markets.

Learn about Andrew's process here.

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