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How do you grow seeds in a greenhouse?
How do you grow seeds in a greenhouse?

To grow seeds in a greenhouse begin by picking what crops you want to grow.

Written by Halle Brake
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Today Noah Newman walks you through the process to grow seeds in your greenhouse.

Check out the video and the steps below to learn more!

Steps to Grow Seeds in a Greenhouse

1) Decide what crops you will be growing and where you will be planting them. 

2) Order seeds from a seed company like Baker Creek or Johnny Seeds.

3) Read through the planting directions. Pay attention to temperature, planting depth, and extended care.

4) Pick an appropriate flat size for the directions and the size of the plants.

5) Fill the flat with potting soil.

Just use a cheap soil with the lowest percentage of sand. You can also use compost. (Just watch out for volunteers.)


6) Indent each soil cell with your finger.

7) Plant seeds in each cell.

8) Water and watch! For the first watering, soak the flat well. Keep the soil moist as the seeds germinate.


Enjoy the planting season!

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