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Plants & Growing
Plants & Growing

Find answers on how to plant, grow, and harvest crops that you grow in your farm.

What organic nutrients should I use?
Should I be worried about nutrient toxicities?
How do you avoid seasonal lag in yield?
How does pH affect microbes in aquaponics?
What are microgreens and how do you grow them?
How do you start seeds in a wicking tray?
How do you grow seeds in a greenhouse?
How do you care for herbs post-harvest?
How do you control basil downy mildew?
How do you control powdery mildew?
What are microbes and how do they work in aquaponics?
So when is it a good time to clone, and when is it worth buying seeds?
What are the most common greenhouse pests?
What are mechanical pest controls?
What's the best way to harvest basil?
What are nutrient cycling and decomposition?
Does mint do well in commercial hydroponics?
Can pesticides be used in aquaponic systems?
How do you reduce humidity in a greenhouse?
What is cultural pest control?
What happens with algae in aquaponics?
How do you care for tilapia fry?
What's the best way to plant seeds?
How do I supplement CO2 in an indoor farm?
How can I cool a greenhouse?
How can I heat my greenhouse?
Can I use ladybugs to control pests in my farm?
How much CO2 does my farm need?
Should I have one or multiple crops?
How do I grow Bok Choy in hydroponics?
Where can I get a Recommended Crop List?
What do microbes do in aquaponics?
How do I cool my greenhouse?
Can I use pesticides in aquaponics? How?
How much light do my seedlings need?
How do I breed tilapia in my aquaponics system?
How Far Should My Lights Be From My Seedlings?
What is BSA (Biological Surface Area) and why does it matter?
What is nitrification and how does it work?
How to I grow rosemary and what are the best conditions?
How do I grow lettuce and what are the best conditions?
Harvesting Basil for Higher Yield and Longer Shelf Life
Will a galvanized tank kill my fish?
How do I grow chives and what are the ideal conditions?
What nutrients are in my aquaponic system, where do they come form, and what should I supplement?
How do I grow mustard greens and what are the ideal conditions?
How do I prevent mold & algae on seedlings?
How do I grow basil, and what are the ideal conditions?
How should I add fish to my aquaponic system?
How does potassium behave in aquaponics? How do I supplement potassium?
How do I tell if my tilapia is male or female?
What does nitrogen do in my aquaponic system, and how should I manage nitrogen?
How many fish should I put in my ZipGrow aquaponics system?
How do I manage magnesium in aquaponics?
How should I manage iron in my aquaponic system?
Can I use lemon juice in my aquaponic system?