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How do I cancel my subscription?
How do I cancel my subscription?

There are a few ways to cancel your subscription.

Written by Halle Brake
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See our full Cancellation & Refund Policy page here.

To cancel your subscription, please visit your account subscriptions page (My Profile > Edit My Account > Subscriptions). Here you will see your active subscription(s) listed. Click the button next to the subscription you wish to cancel that says “View”. On the following page, navigate to the “Actions” row and click the button that says “Cancel.”  A blue bar will come across the top and say “Your subscription has been canceled.”  If you do not see this message, you have not canceled your membership successfully. Please try again or contact customer service.

Note: Your account will be set to “pending cancellation” upon canceling from your account page. An admin will then complete the process within 24 hours. If canceling over the weekend, please be advised it may take up to 72 hours for the cancellation to be processed. If you are canceling before your next payment date, please allow for ample time for the cancellation to be completed by an admin to avoid being charged.

For members who signed up prior to April of 2016: This process may be different for you as your account may have been created through our previous membership management system. If the above process does not seem to work correctly for you, please instead visit this page to cancel your account. Fill in the form and click the button that says “Yes, cancel my account.” Upon doing so, the page will refresh and display a message saying “Your membership has been canceled.” If you do not see this message, your membership did not cancel successful. Please try again or contact customer service.

If you are unsure whether or not your cancellation processed completely, please contact You are responsible for confirming that your membership has been canceled successfully. Refunds will not be issued on continued payments which are as a result of an incomplete cancellation.


Send an email to with the following subject line: Cancel Account # [insert first and last name here]. We will respond to your emails as soon as possible, but please take into consideration office hours.

We also accept the following as forms of cancellation:

  • Online chat: Hours 8am-5pm MST Monday-Friday

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